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Let’s Keep The Momentum Going! Donate to the Direct Appeal

Please consider supporting this year’s Direct Appeal program; again if you have already and now is the time if you haven't had time yet.

This past fall the PTSA held a Direct Appeal campaign, Keep the Momentum, with the hope and intention of raising $30,000 that goes directly towards supporting BHS teachers and staff with their twice a year grant requests. A few examples illustrating how these donations have been spent in the past are:

·         Purchased microphones for various vocal groups

·         Purchased telescopes, microscopes, spectrophotometers , centrifuges, hot plates, electric scales, vacuum pumps, dissecting scopes, skeletons, fish tanks, complete an electric car (to list a few items) for the science programs

·         Purchase composition books for a new college-level language arts class. 

·         Sent foreign language teachers as well as special education teachers to continuing education classes

To date, $6,000 was raised. Therefore, there will be no spring grants awarded this year. In fact, if you and I do not make up for the shortfall, the PTSA may not be able to award winter grants next school year.  

Ballard High School is a dynamic learning institution with a solid core of programs offering many unique opportunities to our students.  If you and I want BHS to continue to offer our students a complete education to prepare them for their future, we need to step up and help our staff and teachers. The direct appeal program is simple and straightforward. The PT SA will use the money received to fund grants submitted by BHS teachers and staff.

Corporate matching gifts are an easy way to magnify the impact of your contribution. If your employer has a matching gift policy, please fill out and send your employer’s matching form to our PTSA treasurer. After we verify your gift, your employer will issue a matching gift to the Ballard High School PTSA in your name.

Please consider giving your family and friends an opportunity to make a donation to BHS. Send them the link to our PTSA site (and have them click on PTSA/Direct Appeal) and let them enjoy the convenience of giving online.  

On behalf of the BHS staff and the PTSA, we thank you!


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